coffee substitute

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a drink resembling coffee that is sometimes substituted for it

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Some health stores carry this coffee substitute, closely related to chicory, in powdered form.
You can get a coffee substitute called Caroextra which doesn't include the same harmful stimulants.
Although pioneers might have tried its beans as a coffee substitute, there is no evidence anyone committed to the bitter beverage.
Ask your dad if he knew that the hawthorn seeds can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute.
They were also roasted and ground to render a coffee substitute.
Brown rice, Ryvita, oat cakes, baked potatoes, soya milk, rice milk, fresh or dried fruit, chicory coffee substitute, herb tea
The tree gets its name from the fact that its seeds were once used as a coffee substitute.
The pod contains seeds that early settlers roasted as a coffee substitute.
Cleavers is related to the coffee plant and its seeds are said to produce an excellent coffee substitute.
Camp Coffee, a thick, chicory coffee, sugar syrup, invented in 1876, and still marketed in groceries in the UK and in specialty shops in other English speaking countries as a coffee substitute, and cooking ingredient has also been used to make a cold coffee beverage.
Both chicory and dandelion were used as a coffee substitute when the commercial bean was not available.