coffee senna

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very leafy malodorous tropical weedy shrub whose seeds have been used as an adulterant for coffee

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The coffee senna seed dormancy was overcome by soaking seeds in sulfuric acid for 20 minutes and then washing in running water for five minutes (Pozitano & Rocha, 2011).
The design was completely randomized with six treatments for lettuce and tomato and three for coffee senna with four replications containing 10 pre-germinated seeds for each species.
These changes were observed in lettuce, tomato and coffee senna seeds subjected to CNSL as germination was less affected than seed vigor.
The results also indicated that the coffee senna, despite being considered an invasive species, is sensitive to chemical compounds present in the extracts, which increased the germination time at 200 mg [mL.
The coffee senna root system was affected by 200 mg [mL.