coffee rose

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tropical shrub having glossy foliage and fragrant nocturnal flowers with crimped or wavy corollas

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Exports of soluble coffee rose by around 1,500 tons to reach some 18,200 tons.
While consumption of pure soluble coffee rose from 11,000 to 11,300 tons, representing a relatively modest increase of 2.
Sales of green coffee rose from 548,520 tons to 549,530 tons.
At the same time, however, prices of raw coffee rose by 15%, according to the Dallmayr sources who were, however, reluctant to disclose the company's profitability.
Retail prices for whole bean and ground coffee rose by 60% during the year.
Unit volume for European retail and out-of-home coffee rose 4% in the fourth quarter and was flat with year-ago results in fiscal 1994, excluding acquisitions.
While the sales of decaffeinated and not-decaffeinated coffee rose by 4.
Unit volume for European retail coffee rose 8 percent in the quarter and 5 percent through the first nine months of 1993, excluding acquisitions.
European volume for retail coffee rose 2 percent in the quarter and 3 percent during the first six months.
Chinese tea gained popularity in European markets in the same time period as coffee rose to dominance.
For the first six months of fiscal 1996, unit volumes for retail and out-of-home coffee rose 4%, excluding acquisitions.
According to market reports, price differentials for Colombian coffee rose in Europe's cash coffee market this week on renewed signs of tighter supplies from the country.
Prices of grains and products, fruits, tea and coffee rose 0.
Showing recent, substantial rises, the price of tea actually went up by 70% over the same period, while coffee rose by a more modest 20%.