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ring-shaped coffeecake with fruits or nuts and often iced

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The key to the discovery was not a kitchen towel, but a bacterium that counteracts the coffee ring effect at the microscopic level.
In various industrial applications - applying an even coat of paint or varnish, for example - the coffee ring effect can be particularly troublesome and scientists have long been seeking ways to counteract it.
To avoid overconcentration on the edges of a wound when spreading itself during the drying-out process, the bacterium produces substances that counteract the coffee ring effect," the researchers explained.
After this discovery, Wong and colleagues became the first to demonstrate that the coffee ring effect could be used to separate particles, such as biological cells, microorganisms, and proteins.
For the coffee ring effect to work, the droplet itself must be pinned to the surface, and the droplet itself must evaporate.
Jim Dale of the Coffee Brewing Service of Bakersfield, CA, has placed the Full Circle Coffee Rings on hundreds of his customers burner plates.
PHOTO : Full Circle Coffee Rings are available in black, brown, and white.
The Full Circle Coffee Ring self-adheres to the bottom of any automatic drip coffee pot and keeps coffee fresh, even preventing that small amount at the bottom from crystallizing and burning.
She doesn't like the coffee rings he's leaving on her table or the priest he gets in to exorcise her ('You'd better mop up that holy water' she tells the brow-beaten David), and yet the pair fall for one another while David attempts to find out what happened to his see-through house guest.
Of course, leaving coffee rings on the polished dining room table or refusing to empty the kitchen bin are not heinous crimes, but the researchers found that when all the little irritations and bad habits were repeated day in and day out they added up to something much more serious.
Now," says Wieker, "we're basically just checking for coffee rings.
From coffee rings to drips on white dress shirts to the dreaded stains on teeth - a cup of coffee can start your day off right or ruin it right away.
Coffee rings, pet hair and bird droppings: These are just some of sloppy surprises our vehicles have in store for us.
Washington, Nov 24 (ANI): Usually the formation of coffee rings on a table doesn't prompt a response further than 'Use a coaster', but a team of researchers have gone beyond and explored the physics behind the stain patterns left behind by coffee droplets on a surface.