coffee cup

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a cup from which coffee is drunk

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This is even more significant, as a paper coffee cup he'd drunk from sold for PS51.
Tuesday when she noticed the bird pecking at the lid of her coffee cup.
A BUNGLING distraction burglar who left his DNA on a coffee cup when he robbed an 81-year-old Birmingham pensioner has been jailed for fiveand-a-half-years.
Some of the most prominent contemporary masters on the international art scene, along with emerging young talents, have transformed the everyday coffee cup C in this case the white porcelain lily cup introduced by the architect and designer Matteo Thun C into a cult object.
For the month of October, Dream Jamaica has issued a Coffee Cup Challenge to existing and potential donors.
The heavy metal vocalist feared that he had done lasting damage when accidently the lid of the coffee cup resting between his legs came loose and hot coffee covered his genitals, Contactmusic reported.
It includes green coffee classification and fundamentals, listing nearly all producing countries across the world and the main coffee qualities produced therein, as well as almost all aspects of coffee cup tasting, espresso and roasting.
Introduce your friends to Jesus over a cup of coffee with a built-in visual aid: your coffee cup.
Summary: Tokyo: A Japanese housewife battered her septuagenarian husband to death with a coffee cup after .
More recent funding ideas include offering coffee cup cut-outs in exchange for a donation, or having a dress down day in an office or school.
But we don't care, we keep them waiting for a bit longer as we battle to juggle coffee cup, phone, wallet and car keys before getting in the car, carefully placing the cup in the holder and then driving off.
Coffee cup caused 'knife' injuries POLICE officers responding to reports of a city centre knife incident instead arrested a man after two people were injured with a coffee cup.
POLICE officers responding to reports of a city centre knife attack instead arrived to find two people had been injured by a coffee cup.
Duleep George, executive director of marketing and sales at Gulf News, says: "We continue to innovate and stay ahead of the times, whether through our daily news p ackage, the latest technology or marketing and promotions, an example of which is this coffee cup sleeve.
A PENSIONER was left with a fractured skull and scalding after a bizarre coffee cup attack between two elderly men over a woman.