coffee cappuccino

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equal parts of espresso and hot milk topped with cinnamon and nutmeg and usually whipped cream

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The low alcohol (6% ABV), low calorie line includes Cabernet Coffee Espresso, Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino, Strawberry Moscato, Peach Moscato, Red Sangria and White Sangria, all imported from the EU.
The low alcohol (6% ABV) line includes Red Sangria, White Sangria, Rose Moscato, White Moscato, Strawberry Moscato, Peach Moscato, and now Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino imported from the EU.
Easy-to-drink Wine In A Can, Friends Fun Wine is combining the world's most popular Day Drink with the world's most popular Night Drink, creating the world's first Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino .
Of the two new varieties, Cabernet Coffee Espresso features a rich flavor of fresh cabernet grapes, espresso coffee, and a hint of chocolate while Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino features sweet, refreshing Chardonnay grapes with vanilla cappuccino coffee and smooth hints of chocolate.
Sarah Petts, channel and communications manager at Kraft Foods, reports that Kenco mixes, such as Cappio Regular and Cappio Unsweetened instant coffee cappuccinos, are growing 20.