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a can for storing ground coffee

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for over 40 years, has converted its 603- and 401-volume coffee cans to Sonoco's lighter weight paperboard composite container made from recycled and recyclable content.
The man - who police did not identify - told officers he bought several coffee cans filled with nuts and bolts at a garage sale several years ago.
You add ice between the coffee cans to cool the cream mixture.
Students cover the entire coffee can and features with papier-mache
4 coffee cans with plastic lids * thermometers * paint in white, black, green, and yellow * materials for "spacesuit layers": foil, construction paper, variety of cloth * timer * freezer or tub of ice water * flood lamp * pencil * paper
BEAN & BODY looked to the latest published studies which have found evidence that while coffee can lift your mood it can also reduce the risk of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.
A quantity of 31,680 filled cans of coffee can be loaded onto a truck vs.
Unless your costumer is wearing asbestos-lined gloves and possesses embalmed lips, drinking out of a scalding can of coffee can result in a blistering experience.
Crown sent several technicians from the Suffolk plant, along with the coffee can molds and tooling, to its Hanover, Pennsylvania facility to supplement production.
In view of these needs, and under product design "canned," "home use," and "mass sales market," Kirin has tried to pass onto consumers the concept of coffee excellence originally nurtured in France, create a new coffee market through traditional technology of "Cafe Suavor," and develop a packaging system by which fresh coffee can be delivered to consumers.
Thus, coffee can be packaged immediately after grinding.
Then insert the metal hose into the coffee can and bend the tabs outward.
Coffee can sales were affected when a major customer temporarily shifted production during the fourth quarter to another of its facilities not served by BWAY.
Coffee cans are useful for many things, besides stashing cash for some planned purchase.
PIH Health is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) regional healthcare delivery network that was founded in 1959 by volunteers who went door to door with coffee cans to raise funds to build a local healthcare facility.