coffee break

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a snack taken during a break in the work day


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National Cocktail Your Coffee Day Signature Recipes Give your afternoon and evening coffee breaks a little love with some help from Kahlua:
Green added that letting staff take coffee breaks may see workers coming up with their best ideas.
The Coffee Break ad was just the tip of the iceberg, said Mavronicola.
3:30-4:00 pm -- Networking: Refreshinents & Coffee Break
Coffee Break is one of the Meningitis Trust's most successful annual events and has raised more than pounds 1 million for the charity in its 14 year history.
Hundreds of Corus staff (above) took a coffee break with a difference at a conference helping to raise pounds 1,500 for charity.
SETTLE down to a relaxing coffee break with a stylish cup and oversized saucer - plenty big enough to take a biscuit or cake.
We don't understand why more people don't come here,'' said a shivering Stan Durban as he took a coffee break during the public skating session at the Valley Ice Center in Panorama City, where he learned to skate 10 years ago, after reading a newspaper article on ``How to stay cool in the summer.
The Meningitis Trust is holding its annual coffee break from April 24-30 and it's the second year the Scottish TV star has backed the event.
After his talk and a coffee break, Mayor Latulippe and the councillors faced several complaints and questions related to the way in which they do business.
So in June the Kings opened Churchill Coffee Break II in White Hall, about 35 miles from downtown Little Rock.
Seminar Agenda 8:00-8:15 Coffee and Registration 8:15-8:20 Introductions, First Interstate Bank 8:20-9:05 Street Smart Economics, Myles Watts and Vince Smith 9:05-9:15 Coffee Break 9:15-9:45 National, State, and Local Outlooks, Paul Polzin 10:00-10:20 Nonresident Travel, Norma Nickerson 10:20-10:30 Coffee Break 10:30-10:50 Health Care, Stephen Seninger and Daphne Herling 10:50-11:10 Agriculture, Kevin McNew 11:10-11:30 Manufacturing and Forest Products, Charles Keegan 11:30-11:40 Coffee Break 11:40-Noon Chamber of Commerce Report, local speaker Noon--12:50 Economic Literacy, Myles Watts and Vince Smith 12:50 Closing Remarks, First Interstate Bank
First Board: Neil Blender Coffee Break deck, Sims Snake 2 wheels
Honduras San Luis gourmet coffee is now available in Van Houtte cafes and will soon be available in grocery stores and through Van Houtte's Coffee Break branches, notably Selena Coffee and Red Carpet Food Services.
With a key computer off-line for maintenance and while his only co-worker was on a coffee break, the Zurich air controller was trying unsuccessfully to phone another tower about landing procedures for a small plane he was watching as the two jets closed in on each other over Germany.