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The new coffee bars, some partly inspired by western chains like the US Starbucks Coffee Company and Britain's Costa Coffee, are also a symptom of growing entrepreneurial flair among younger Russians.
The Arizona is part of a new generation of Seattle-style coffee bars that have sprung up in recent years.
City watchers have argued the coffee bar sector is ripe for consolidation as smaller players jostle for position with Starbucks and Costa Coffee.
The Courthouse Coffee Bar at Kirklees Magistrates' Court in Huddersfield could close unless more helpers come forward.
It was one of the best independent coffee bars in the Midlands.
Phil said: "Sue and I have travelled a lot, particularly to Italy, and we love the coffee bar lifestyle there.
I called my coffee bar The Handbag Cafe so I could create visual interest with loads of vintage handbags dotted around while not taking up any coffee-drinking floor space.
Chairman Gerry Ford said: 'The coffee bar market continues to grow in the UK and trading in the third quarter is off to an encouraging start.
service area, there are specific areas designed for watching television, reading, internet access for laptops in "laptop chairs", tables for gaming and even a small bistro area near the Starbucks coffee bar.
I think that's why coffee bars are opening all over the place.
cafe and coffee bar sector has experienced phenomenal growth over recent years.
Coffee bar chain Caffe Nero - which has a number of outlets in the Midlands - yesterday caused a stir on the London market after it upped its minority stake in rival Coffee Republic.
A FAMILY centre has a new coffee bar, thanks to a bit of help from a group of teenagers.
The coffee bar market has soared after Britons were reintroduced to them by TV shows like Friends.
Caribou Coffee offers a full service coffee bar, snacks, fresh ground coffee by the pound and other gifts and goodies for all coffee lovers.