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a substance (as a coenzyme) that must join with another to produce a given result

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How brands plan and execute communications across an ever-expanding list of disconnected messages delivered through uncoordinated channels is still a challenge," said Jeff Fagel, CMO, Cofactor.
9,120,820, claims detection analyte probes based on a natural product mimic of the methyltransferase cofactor S-adenosylmethionine (SAM).
The study builds on the results of earlier studies and will more fully investigate the efficacy and safety of CoFactor for patients with previously treated, advanced breast cancer.
ATLANTA -- Herpes simplex virus-2 does not appear to be a cofactor of human papillomavirus in the development of cervical cancer, Dr.
In our series, HSV-2 DNA is not found integrated to human genome of adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix, and does not seem to be a cofactor of HPV on the development of this cancer subtype," Dr.
Rubber yield is a function of the availability of substrate and cofactor, the rate of reaction, and the number of reactions occurring at any one time.
Catalytic activity of NOS requires the substrate Larginine, the cofactor is 6R-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-biopterin (BH4), calcium/calmodulin complex, oxygen and reductants.
PS increases the velocity of factor Va (FVa) and FVIIIa inactivation by activated protein C (APC), but APC cofactor activity produces only a two- to threefold increase in the anticoagulant effect of APC (6,7).
The investigators suggest several mechanisms that may explain genital herpes's role as a cofactor in HPV-induced cervical cancer.
The observed location of the GAP phosphate moiety is consistent with the flip-flop model for GAP binding, where the phosphate moiety of GAP initially bound at the "Pi" site flips to the "ps" site after hydride transfer during the cofactor exchange step.
Carnitine is an essential cofactor in the production of energy from fats (lipids)," says the label on Jarrow Formulas L-Carnitine 250.
Nutritional cofactor therapy commonly includes L-carnitine and may also include the B-complex of vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, cobalamin and folic acid), vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K in different combinations.
LOUIS -- Cofactor Genomics, a leader in plant and animal genomic research, announced today a partnership with Intrepid Bioinformatics of Louisville, Kentucky, to enhance Cofactor's recently released Bovine whole-exome capture product.
Our central hypothesis is that cofactor regulation of mitochondrial cytochrome P450 enzymes is a key regulatory mechanism of steroidogenesis.
The sequencing and analysis portion of the RNA-seq studies will be performed by Cofactor Genomics, a leader in the field of RNA sequencing and analysis.