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being of equal extent or scope or duration

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Boucher immunity such that the act of entering the password could not be used against him, (71) the magistrate judge determined that entering the password was a testimonial act and that the immunity offered was not coextensive with the Fifth Amendment's protection.
Jonke's image deriving from Borges of a painting of Carinthia coextensive in size to the state of Carinthia itself provides him with a vivid and effective metaphor of how the reductive stereotypical representation of a place can often be mistaken for the place itself, especially when he extends the metaphor to the horror of ugly art.
In many eastern states, the MCD category complicates labeling as MCDs can, but not always be coextensive with municipalities.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers entered Canada in 1865, less than two years after its founding in Detroit, so that the history of the brotherhoods on Canadian railways was almost coextensive with the American.
This is a reasonable starting point and shows that the terms "civilian" and "noncombatant" should not be treated as coextensive.
As a result, her interests were "for all practical purposes, coextensive with those of the estate: her interests are aligned with the estate, not against it.
This is a liminal space, suspended between the child's earliest apprehension that the world is coextensive with itself and the later, critical division between a world "out there" and a self within.
The sole Federalist to support Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase and his 1807 Embargo Act, Adams warned of the consequences of Federalist/British collusion: "Instead of a nation, coextensive with the North American continent, destined by God and nature to be the most populous and most powerful people ever combined under one social compact, we shall have an endless multitude of little insignificant clans and tribes at eternal war with one another for a rock or a fish pond, the sport and fable of European masters and oppressors.
KATZ'S SEVEN STAGES offer several insights: heterosexuality is coextensive with homosexuality; one is always defined and developed against the other.
This power ought to be coextensive with all the possible combinations of such circumstances; and ought to be under the direction of the same councils which are appointed to preside over the common defense.
But this subjectivity does not have the world as something facing it but something that is coextensive with it.
Its sphere of activity is coextensive with the whole of human life.
Perhaps the most disturbing truth is that a book about military applications of robotics is largely coextensive with a book about robotics in the United States.
Poliner's latter argument is unavailing because HCQIA immunity is not coextensive with compliance with an individual hospital's bylaws.