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being of equal extent or scope or duration

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It's still a focused identity; yet it's coextensive with the entire cosmos.
Pink is right to observe that reasons (1991) and justifications (1993) for intending to A are not coextensive with reasons and justifications for A-ing.
Agnew argues that in the course of the sixteent century, commodity exchange escaped the spatial and temporal restrictions which had hitherto confined it, that the market was no longer tied to the marketplace but was progressively becoming a placeless, timeless phenomenon coextensive with society itself.
The Venezuelan Government's action comes just days after the October 26, 2009 seizure of the Brisas alluvial gold concession, which is coextensive with the hardrock concession, and the Government's taking over control of the Brisas Camp.
The diaper also comprises at least one of said front and rear waist regions including a covering zone formed integrally with said crotch region, said covering zone including a longitudinal end at which longitudinal ends of each of said topsheet and backsheet are superimposed together continuously between the transversely opposite side edges of the diaper without any intervening structure between the topsheet and backsheet, said covering zone further including a terminal longitudinal edge which coincides with and is coextensive with terminal longitudinal edges of each of said top sheet and backsheet, said at least one of said front and rear waist regions further including an elastic zone.
The objective of this paper is to sort out the relationships between these distinctions by means of determining which of the distinguished types of change can be coextensive and which cannot, and which can overlap and which cannot.
In this spirit, Tiravanija sought to make Brown's space as coextensive with the street as possible.
It can be proved that four of these five concepts of justification--evaluative and deontological justification, blameless belief, and warrant--are coextensive with the concept of knowledge.
Thus, military takings cases often ask courts to ascertain the precise point at which the military conduct complained of is no longer coextensive with the state's civil power of eminent domain, but rather, enters the zone of conduct, outside the reach of the Takings Clause, where the United States appropriates the property of its enemies.
The conceptual leitmotif that threads her essay is John Freccero's definition of the idol as a reified sign devoid of existence, as an entity coextensive solely with its representation.
Holding: The court applied the above factors and found that (1) the substantial weight of the evidence established that FedEx and other major air carriers considered engines to be part of an aircraft during 1993 and 1994; (2) the lives of the engines and APUs were coextensive with the airframes on which they were mounted; (3) aircraft cannot fly without engines and APUs; and (4) although the engines and APUs were removed for ESVs (unlike the towboat engines in Ingrain), this factor alone was not enough to outweigh the other factors, which supported treating the engines and APUs, and the aircraft on which they were mounted, as a single unit of property.
Florence was the city they considered theirs by right: the city of their birth and of their ancestors for generations, for which they had bravely spilled their blood on countless battlefields, whose churches were filled with family shrines, and whose history was filled with their names; the city, in sum, whose temporal and physical existence was coextensive with their own lives and destinies.
He shows that the invention of tradition is not a modern phenomenon, but is coextensive with the historical record itself.
This is important to note for two reasons: First, this ideology is coextensive with Harper's lecturing activities; second, it complicates what would later be known as the "New Negro Movement.
Putting all that aside, I don't want to dwell on constitutional analysis, because our view has never been that civil liberties are necessarily coextensive with constitutional rights.