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coexist peacefully, as of nations

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exist together

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COME TOGETHER Potts' curiosity about prehistoric ecosystems had been piqued by a wave of scientific interest in how modern species come to coexist in specific areas.
The joint solution coexists with an existing postpaid billing system and currently addresses voucher management, real-time balance management, rating, authentication, real-time authorization, credit card top up, and customer self care.
The Microsoft Exchange directory service does not exist in isolation: it coexists with the directory services of other network components, often including the Windows NT directory service.
Research shows that GAD often coexists with depression, substance abuse, or other anxiety disorders.
Boxer: If one argues that convergence wins - in other words, that networks coexist, software coexists, different vendors coexist - then Lucent wins in a big way because we have a huge embedded base of legacy switches, we have lots of telephone companies as our customers, and we have to find ways to protract out the life of that equipment and find ways to continue to build better products over time.
4 GHz Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) band, coexists with Philips digital telemetry systems, wireless bedside and transport monitors, and even a hospital's own WiFi systems.
The evidence lies in PrP's shape, which appears to determine whether it coexists harmlessly with other proteins in brain cells or wreaks havoc.
This means the lens naturally coexists with the fluids in the eye.
Somewhat less fantastic, though, is a material that contains, or coexists with, living components.