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existing at the same time

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2,5] Few reports include patients with duplex systems and urinary stones with coexisting ureterocele and/or collecting system obstruction.
Compared with CVD-related admissions in patients without diabetes, coexisting diabetes increased the risk of CVD-related hospitalization (relative risk [RR] 1.
Based on this analysis and on the previously available research results, Bone Health believes that, contrary to the assessment of the preliminary data, this analysis of the final data established that the drug had a significantly positive effect on spinal bone mineral density and on biochemical responses of women with osteoporosis who took the drug and who did not suffer from any coexisting metabolic disorder.
Coexisting illness or conditions were associated with longer viral excretion in stools.
And by coexisting in this ecosystem, Yavitt says, these two microbe types more than double the bog's greenhouse-gas output over expected levels.
This study is evaluating Medicure's lead combination product, MC-4232, in patients with coexisting type II diabetes and hypertension.
We describe an atypical presentation of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in a geriatric patient with multiple coexisting conditions.
Among the possibilities: coexisting disease that promotes virus spread, a move virulent form of the virus or a greater susceptibility in certain women.
The strong links between RSAL and RSAINZ are exemplified by RSAL coexisting alongside RSAINZ's liability casualty unit.
The new ROCKY Unlimited has been engineered to support a coexisting LAN card/Fax Modem, CDPD, and COM 3/4 card -- which is unique today to the industry.
The server room is a heterogeneous environment, with Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris coexisting to provide a variety of intranet and extranet services," said Richard Riccetti, President of Seapine Software, Inc.
This test set, unlike the typical data lockout sets, allows technicians to go off-hook, draw dial tone and test the quality of the voice service, with no disruption to the coexisting ADSL service.
Our ongoing commitment to state-of-the-art research and dopper based technologies such as T1, HDSL, and HDSL-2, all coexisting in the same shelf and managed with theTermination System standard (OSTS - see www.
In addition to the increasing concern about 2B1Q-based SDSL solutions' degradation of coexisting services, they are not formally standardized, making them vendor-specific and not interoperable.