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coexist peacefully, as of nations

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exist together

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Her neighbor, Lorrie Dundas, said most residents try to coexist with the nonvenomous snakes, believing that allowing them in keeps the poisonous ones from coming around.
The action proceeds as follows: A distinctive combination of species colonizes a region, coexists for a while, and departs in the face of massive environmental change.
As part of introducing the Coexist by Cannon collection, the Kmart Home Design team conducted a series of four dorm room makeovers and how-to videos hosted on www.
Beyond performance, Teradata is unique; it is the only data warehouse vendor with servers that can coexist with six previous generations of servers.
Baron examines what happened in Boulder, as he considers the issue of how we can, or perhaps can't, coexist with wild animals.
United Online, which bills itself as the budget alternative to other online services, thinks that the lower-priced dial-up market can coexist with its faster broadband cousins.
And in the new Broadway revival, which features a freshly commissioned adaptation by American playwright Richard Greenberg (best known for his Reagan-era play Eastern Standard), director Sean Mathias utterly fails to find a production style that allows the various pieces of the play to coexist cogently.
I appreciate the Daily News asking public response as to whether we would like to coexist with our wildlife.
Works of both types coexist in "Algunos Artistas," which is a notable example of a process of artistic consumption and assimilation of such remains/images.
Twenty to 40 different species of phytoplankton--such as diatoms and algae--can coexist within a single cubic centimeter of water, all vying just for light and a handful of nutrients.
Although humor, mawkish sentimentality and horror coexist naturally in folklore, they usually seem forced when thrown together in commercial fiction.
The best Hanukkah books of recent years have been able to relate this Jewish holiday to Christmas and Christians, making it clear that the spirit of the two holidays - both based on a miracle - can not only coexist, but supplement each other.
They want it to coexist with their own IT systems and to be able to manage RFID centrally without massive reconfiguration, extensive training, or the need to outsource.
But the mayor of Kadena, a city forced to coexist with the largest U.
All Philips telemetry solutions can coexist in the same space without interference, making it possible for hospitals to phase their transition between systems.