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all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age

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Various damaging situations occurring in families, schools, during communication with coevals, in relations between parents and children, parents' behavior patterns have significant influence on patients.
Mainstreaming is a special identification of educating the handicapped students with their normally developed coevals in normal classes.
While most stories of gay men of my time have stressed the terrors of accepting their nature, there are a few well-known coevals who, like me, appear to have accepted their homosexuality fairly easily.
The sharing of time that such interaction requires demands that ethnographers recognize the people whom they study as their coevals.
To be sure, his ideas about Jews and other races nowadays appear completely unreasonable, but apart from the fact that muddle-head is hardly a scientific term, undoubtedly not a few well-educated coevals found Chamberlains' opinions convincing.
But rarely, on the cusp of middle age, do I find myself in the middle of a broad range of ages, or in a room dominated by my coevals.
All coevals, they lived in the first generation of Christian power.
As the authors note, "Dickens and his coevals shared an uncompromising belief in the achievement of two complementary nineteenth-century goals: the reclamation of a golden age and the amelioration of society and the individual.
The playwrights of Golden-Age Spain produced a corpus of drama that equals in quality and surpasses in quantity that of any other epoch; their works demand, but have only begun to receive, the precision and depth of textual scholarship devoted, for instance, to those of Shakespeare and his coevals.
Schubert's music furnishes spaces wherein many types of memory--a word that Fisk uses with totemic frequency--are coevals rather than competitors.
Abele displays a social consciousness that is most often absent from the works of her coevals.
In his introduction Professor Mark Kroll of Boston University, artistic director of the three-day festival (19-21 February 1998), reminded us that presentations in honour of Domenico Scarlatti have been rare indeed compared with those celebrating his coevals, Handel and J.
The later poems (this book is a seventieth-birthday collection, and I miss a wonderful comic piece I read some years ago, an irreverent threnody in which Appleman made some astute observations upon O'Hara, Merwin and other coevals, as well as upon himself) are charged with a mounting interest in those Others - other lives, other loves, and as I suggest, other deaths; moving toward the resolving curves of his trajectory, this poet devises compassionate accents for all kinds of vital manifestations.
Surely the Nixon lapel pin I wore at 16, when my conformist coevals busied themselves with Molotov cocktails and obscene graffiti, scarcely qualifies as rebellion.
Unlike her coevals in Britain, say--for example, Alison Smithson (1 928-1993) and Bridget Riley (b.