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all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age

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Their coevals had lived through that era, and they understood that the America First Committee was in the broad tradition of American political activism.
What sets Bong's project apart from its near coevals is that its action is restricted almost exclusively to this narrow moving vehicle.
What stood for prey in this simile were the ideas of d'Annunzio's immediate literary predecessors or near coevals, which made Rolland's tag tantamount to a sentence of lifelong, flagrant, and indiscriminate plagiarism.
His comprehensive study posits that these two giants of American literature were not just simply adversaries: they were also coevals who brought out the best and the worst in each other over the course of nearly four decades.
Small wonder that the Law Commission is currently reviewing the Victorian laws which set the framework in which Mr Savage and his coevals elsewhere 'devil about', seeking ever more trivial rules to impose on the taxi trade, which they espouse are in the interest of protecting the travelling public.
SKOPJE, October 18, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's deputy prime minister said on Tuesday that Great Leader Ataturk differed from his coevals as he was open to reforms and renovation.
Sweet-natured Violet (Gerwig, "Greenberg") and her coed coevals Rose (Megalyn Echikunwoke, "24," "That '70s Show") and Heather (Carrie Maclemore, "Gossip Girl") are college students on a mission.
Raymond Gillespie attempts this through the lens of "generational change" across the three coevals of friars that covered the century.
4%), unsatisfactory relations with their coevals, pathology in education (Table1).
Mainstreaming is a special identification of educating the handicapped students with their normally developed coevals in normal classes.
While most stories of gay men of my time have stressed the terrors of accepting their nature, there are a few well-known coevals who, like me, appear to have accepted their homosexuality fairly easily.
The sharing of time that such interaction requires demands that ethnographers recognize the people whom they study as their coevals.
To be sure, his ideas about Jews and other races nowadays appear completely unreasonable, but apart from the fact that muddle-head is hardly a scientific term, undoubtedly not a few well-educated coevals found Chamberlains' opinions convincing.
But rarely, on the cusp of middle age, do I find myself in the middle of a broad range of ages, or in a room dominated by my coevals.
All coevals, they lived in the first generation of Christian power.