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Synonyms for coeval

belonging to the same period of time as another

one of the same time or age as another


Synonyms for coeval

a person of nearly the same age as another

of the same period

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Assuming coevality of the facies between the different sites at Las Delicias (type area), Canyon la Casita and Parras de la Fuente, their high variability in sediment type, faunal content and TOC, underscores non-uniform environmental conditions over the Mexican Platform.
The last word has not been spoken, but insofar as it is a question of positive evidence, we are obliged to grant that despite their coevality, Saussure and Peirce formulated their ideas for a doctrine or general theory of signs completely independently of one another.
4) has been discussed in numerous published studies listed in the references, and its coevality with the Chicxulub event has also been established with Argon-40/Argon-39 dating (Izett et al.
To the contrary, they affirm the coevality of contradictory value systems.
The interesting collection of essays on Aboriginal myth and history edited by Beckett (1994) suggests that not all Oceanists have ignored Fabian's (1983) challenge to affirm coevality.