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Synonyms for coeval

belonging to the same period of time as another

one of the same time or age as another


Synonyms for coeval

a person of nearly the same age as another

of the same period

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1999, Interaction between coeval mafic and felsic melts in the St.
An institution that had once seemed coeval with the history of mankind and that had enjoyed the authoritative approval of all the world's great religions died an ignominious death as a moral outrage.
Together, they are catholic in their spirituality and cannot but enhance a person's endeavor to grow worshipfully in a world where evil appears to make any attempt to do so coeval with either idiocy or insanity.
Comparison to other coeval Middle Devonian midcontinent formations, such as the Arkona Shale of Ontario, Canada, and the Silica Shale of Ohio, indicates some degree of faunal similarity.
But there will be a coeval rapid expansion of non- hazardous cargoes through the Strait.
And indeed, human history seems to support Aristotle in his suggestion that certain moral categories are coeval with political -- that is, human -- life.
Gullick and Rollason notably offer divergent explanations of the relationship between the two oldest and coeval manuscripts.
The coeval display of the "opposing" religious symbols in al-Shiyya under the circumstances described above triggers many pertinent questions.
Scott (1990) described a nerineid gastropod-dominated paleocommunity of low richness for coeval rocks of the Rodessa Formation from cores recovered in Houston County, Texas.
Armed with these five roughly coeval craters, Spray sought to plot the impacts on a map of Earth.
Modality proposes a holistic drive, a(n African) continuum that recognizes the coeval, mutually dependent nature of "both/and" rather than the Western dualism of "either/ or"--just as "the jazz soloist works with and against the group at the same time" (Jones 48).
And, conversely, if the universe was not an afterthought, then surely it must also have been coeval with the Creator Himself, namely, eternal.
Unlike the Atlantic, whose Jurassic sediments are dominated by the skeletal remains of calcareous plankton, the coeval Pacific record of 160 to 150 million years ago shows clay and siliceous microfossils deposited in depths below which calcium carbonate could not be preserved.