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Synonyms for coetaneous

belonging to the same period of time as another

Synonyms for coetaneous

of the same period

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Aside from antecedents of coetaneous infection and hepatitis A viral infection, the patient reported in this revision also presented pneumonia evidenced via thoracic X-ray.
In Spain, the first histories of Spanish literature and/or culture are more or less coetaneous to the chair of literary history: Ensayo apologetico sobre la literatura espanola (1782-1784; 1st.
The author does offer some evidence and explanation of a coetaneous sense of the difference between the two kinds of accounts, but, by setting these two categories in opposition, this chapter oversimplifies the deeper issues involved in ascertaining truth and credibility in primary and secondary sources.
Diseases caused by bacteria fungi and parasites are discussed in equal depth along with diseases common in the West such as inflammatory disorders and coetaneous malignancy.
The volcanic activity in the Punta Negra and Ullum areas has been documented from 18 Ma (pyroclastic flows in the Albarracin Basin) up to 7 Ma (Cerro Blanco intrusive) and is coetaneous with the deposition of the Albarracin Formation (Bercowski and Figueroa, 1987; Verges et al.
Clinically, urticaria is classified into acute (duration less than 6 weeks) and chronic (duration greater than 6 weeks) and may be caused by numerous factors both immunologic and non-immunologic, that result in vasodilatation and transudation of fluid from small coetaneous blood vessels.
Of these, enalapril caused the greatest ADRs, consisting of dry cough (n=9), coetaneous rash (n=1), and pharmacological interactions with other cardiovascular medications (n=2), followed by amlodipine (n=8), furosemide (n=6), clindamycin (n=4), lovastatin (n=3), and ceftriaxone (n=3).
Interestingly, this vascularization is coetaneous with the improved ulcer healing observed in the acetic acid model.
Benignus repeatedly links Brazil's natural riches not with the backward, uncivilized past, but with the past of antiquity and the roots of humanity: the Brazilian sky is "como o ceu mitologico dos antigos" (like the mythological sky of the ancients), the forests are composed of "arvores coevas dos primeiros seculos da criagao" (trees coetaneous to those of the first centuries of creation) (54, 51).
The latter bent, completely new to Spanish cultural evolution, effaced the previous stereotype as it sought authenticity in the margins of coetaneous Spanish society rather than in the Golden Age.
Those, developed at the core and frontal/eastern limb of the big structure, show Late Triassic sections separated and truncated by a series of minor unconformities interpreted as caused by sedimentation coetaneous to rotation during activity of normal faults (Fig.