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the magnetic field strength 1 cm from a unit magnetic pole

Danish physicist (1777-1851)

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Figure 2(c) shows the same corrected curve where better resolution around zero applied field leads to estimates of the remanence and intrinsic coercivity.
From this piece of fundamental physics, the tape industry knows that a coercivity increase and a reduction in the magnetic thickness of the media is the primary direction to pursue as already demonstrated by magnetic disk technology.
Since coercivity is measured and rated as a bulk property of magnetic media, it is an average property with contributions from individual particles of the media.
These results indicate that it is possible to obtain materials with increasing magnetization saturation without changing the coercivity by increasing the mineralized resin content of the composite material.
Banks generally use lo-co tape for ATM cards, although many are now moving to medium coercivity (mid-co) for better data retention.
The latest variety of magnetic recording media is 1 inch or less in diameter, and has a thin film media coercivity between 3500-4000 Oersted laid down on glass substrates.
The best publicly available information indicates that making it impractical to recover large amounts of data from some magnetic media, such as high density disks, requires a magnetic force of about five times the normal coercivity of the magnetic coating of that medium.
Tenders are invited for Badging Supplies: Magnetic Stripe Card: PVC/Polyester Graphic Quality w/High Coercivity, Badge Clips: 2 Hole, Nickel Plated Steel with two 3/4 inch, Clear vinyl straps, Cloth Lanyards: Black 3/8" breakaway cloth lanyard, Badge Reels: Vinyl strap w/metal clip - retractable 24", Clear Lanyards: Frosted vinyl breakaway straps (37").
Mid-range products such as DLTtape IV, Super DLTtape and LTO Ultrium data cartridges have a very high coercivity, in excess of 1800 oersted.
A high coercivity magnetic strip will be incorporated into all new or replacement cards issued by L-1 for Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and healthcare credentials.
LTO Ultrium 2 media uses the same physical cartridge as Ultrium 1 but, like SDLT, has moved to a higher coercivity 1850-oersted metal particle media formulation to support the higher recording density and capacity requirements.
This process of metal particle micrification becomes challenging because of the risks of losing the high coercivity that is essential for high recording density," said Norio Shibata, President & CEO, Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc.
Metal particle media offered twice the coercivity and twice the remnant flux density of alternative media pigments, producing the potential for significantly higher recording densities compared to quarter-inch or half-inch cartridge formats.
The locks are opened using a standard high coercivity magnetic stripe card, with tracks one or three open for encoding.