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accomplished by force

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serving or intended to coerce

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32) compared to cooperation over "relational-intangible" issues which are pursued coercively and often result in short-lived, informal agreements.
These virtues range from the simple willingness to abide by laws that cannot, always, be coercively enforced; to high rates of participation in democratic decision-making procedures; to a widespread commitment to contribute to social justice policies.
Such voluntary enticements are far preferable to coercively blocking people's right to flee.
Sharia was never intended to be coercively applied by the state.
Moral and ethical considerations, such as the possibility of permanent genetic enhancements that could exacerbate social inequalities or be used coercively, must also be considered.
The government of the occupation", he said, is working to deepen poverty among Arab Jerusalemites, which now runs over 60 per cent, while coercively evicting Arabs from the city and moving them to the West Bank.
advocated that "no changes in the status quo are made coercively and that territorial disputes, which are long-standing, are not militarized.
The real freedom of flourishing individuals consists in expressing one's developing identity as something neither coercively determined nor arbitrarily chosen.
If Iran had nuclear weapons, no state might see the country as important enough to confront Iran coercively.
The question is whether this will be done voluntarily or coercively.
Government is the only entity that can coercively take money from an individual and then turn around and spend it on someone to lobby for something, whether the individual taxpayer agrees or not," Macias said.
During the period of national emergency in the 1930s and the Pacific War years--which demanded stringent social control and mass mobilization-- the Japanese state emphasized assimilation, if coercively, and the unity of the people.
Taxes which are due must be paid and must also be recovered, even coercively.
Rather they were interested in coercively enforcing an equality of result through a regulatory state that would increasingly centralize its power and invade the every nook and cranny of citizens' lives.
The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, coercively in Egypt and voluntarily in Tunisia, the escalated crisis in Syria, the unprecedented chaos in Iraq, Yemen and Libya are a case in point.