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accomplished by force

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serving or intended to coerce

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the very right to have rights within the state, the government forfeits the claim to speak for and the 'right to coercively rule' the groups it excludes and oppresses.
We reject the contention of significant disagreement between direct and overall liberty in the areas of restrictions to prevent rip-offs and coercively tending the moral foundations of liberty.
Leaders of the opposition coalition described the Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) as "lacking legitimacy and being coercively imposed on political life in Yemen".
Thus, the military and economic instruments of power, and the will to invoke them coercively at times, must remain essential components of U.
Turkey refuses to accept that Kurds are a separate national group (the government calls them "mountain Turks"), and until 1990 banned the use of Kurdish language in an attempt to coercively assimilate the Kurds.
Oddly, the United States is to Germans what Germany used to be to Americans early in the twentieth century, which is not to the better, as it suggests a tendency for the United States to rely on the brutal use of military force to achieve full security, preemptively if needed, and a quasi-messianic urge to expand its Kultur, coercively as needed.
If one examined two systems of norms in a society, one of which represented stable community norms or was elegantly tailored to promote human flourishing and another group of norms that claimed authority and was coercively enforced, it would be the coercive norms that most would recognize as law.
This was indeed an unfortunate incident, but the story provides ''counterevidence'' that sinks allegations that the Japanese military systematically coercively recruited women into sexual service.
The attitude is found, we might think, in the case of religious believers who would refuse to coercively convert non-believers, even if such coercion might be both politically and theologically effective.
costs associated with prohibition, can be coercively imposed by the
Scientists have urged the department to isolate people infected with the disease, coercively if necessary, to prevent a global health crisis.
Mental health legislation, with its power to intervene coercively in the lives of patients, is intrinsically connected to men[at health nursing practice.
The assumption that people have the capacity to make the world come out right or that an insightful minority could make the world good by coercively outlawing war through the technique of minority control was not faithful to the Gospel.
The differences between black men are coercively erased by this overbearing, monolithic conceptualization of masculinity.
I find some incongruity between calling courageous such a verbal effort to resolve the conflict in a mutually beneficial manner and Whitbeck's chiding of Arab governments for their failure to use coercively their oil weapon on behalf of Palestinian self-determination.