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Jay" Smyth, III, who allegedly orchestrated the scheme to pressure and coerce Alabama One into settling five frivolous lawsuits that he and cohorts had filed against the credit union.
Robert Bentley's office to coerce tens of millions of dollars in legal settlements from the credit union after it received clean bills of health from state and federal regulators.
when the government coerces a witness to make false statements and uses
on its part," including situations where the government coerces a
Taiwan first chooses whether to trade or not, after which China decides whether to exploit the trade relationship and coerce Taiwan.
This, however, is a politics-first Taiwan's least preferred outcome, for, if it perceives that it is likely to be coerced by China, it would rather restrict trade (01) than have a politics-first China coerce and then punish it (05), but it would prefer to fight and lose on the political issue (05) than to acquiesce willingly when coerced (03).
In one, Taiwan will restrict trade only if it is politics-first; in the other, China will coerce only if it is politics-first.
If a politics-first Taiwan believes that China is unlikely to coerce, it will risk trading with China.
US attempts to diplomatically coerce Somali warlords, Serbia over Kosovo, North Korean nuclear efforts, and Iraq on WMD disarmament were judged failures because in each case the target state felt that it had much more to lose than the damage that the application of limited American force would produce.
It is in the interest of the king to love rather than directly coerce his subjects because, freed from the legal burdens of political obligation, they will then begin to love him in return.
Citing other Supreme Court precedent, AU's letter explained that "delivery of a prayer at public school graduations is unconstitutional in part because it coerces students who do not subscribe to the religious views reflected in the prayer to submit to a religious ceremony.
In Swordfish, Travolta, a two-time Academy Award(R) nominee, plays Gabriel Shear, a charismatic and dangerous CIA operative who coerces a computer hacker, just released from prison, into stealing $9 billion from a DEA slush fund, in this dark counter-espionage action thriller about power, money, and 21st century breaking and entering.
The coerces would be conducted with an aim to sharpen the skills, to develop a skilled executives or entrepreneur and eventually earn a living which could help them finance their education and boost their family income.
Wheeler's mode of sculptural story-telling gently interpellates rather than harasses, beckons and entertains rather than coerces the spectator.