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Synonyms for coequal

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

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having the same standing before the law

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employees are coequal misdemeanor trial lawyers and all are veterans at
1) Astonishingly, since the Northwest Power Act (2) ordered salmon and hydropower to be coequals in 1980, (3) Columbia Basin salmon runs have declined to about one-half of what they were thirty years ago, despite the expenditure of more than $600 million annually, nearly $10 billion cumulatively.
He made the commander of the landing force and the commander of the Special Fleet coequals for planning.
Progressively, we find that all "health care providers" are being treated as coequals.
That arrangement made Mitchell and Foulois coequals, both working for Maj Gen Mason M.
Peer strategizing, sometimes referred to as co-mentoring, is a lateral alliance of coequals devoted to teaching and learning from one another (Stewart & Krueger, 1996).
Feminist Christians, along with feminists in other religious traditions, have insisted on mutuality between coequals as the normative relational expectation, and in doing so, they have sparked a quiet and not-so-quiet revolution in the bedroom and throughout the social order.