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Synonyms for coequal

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

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having the same standing before the law

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69) Mullins accents the coequality and complementarity of institutional and charismatic elements in the origin of the church.
I would like to detail a bit more Congar's point of arrival in the interests of expanding the significance of the coequality of the mission of the Spirit with the mission of Christ.
The premise is the coequality of the two missions in regard to the origin and continuity of the church, and that is what Congar came to after the council.
Congar's postconciliar theology lifted the mission of the Spirit to genuine coequality with Christ in the economy of redemption and in the church.
From supreme goodness, it is necessary that there be in the persons supreme communicability, supreme consubstantiality, supreme configurability, supreme coequality, supreme coeternity, and supreme mutual intimacy by which one is necessarily in the other by supreme interpenetration and one acts with the other in absolute lack of division of the substance, power and operation of the most blessed Trinity itself.
Given the priority of creation over salvation, of God the creator over Christ the savior, Lee argues that the early Church's teaching on the coequality of Christ with God the creator is mistaken:
Lee seems to have misunderstood the classical teaching on the coequality of Christ with God the Father.
Second, the discussion of marriage does not reflect the coequality of the two ends of marriage.