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Synonyms for coequal

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

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having the same standing before the law

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Bar President- elect Greg Coleman also addressed the attendees, telling them the single most important element of the Bar's strategic plan "is to ensure that our judicial system--a coequal branch of government--is fair and impartial, adequately funded, and open to all.
The court held, inter alia, that the Governor's decision "in no way infringes on the powers and duties of the coequal departments of our government" and is an issue "traditionally within the role of the judiciary to resolve," arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.
The judiciary realized that it was a coequal branch of government bound to take note of relevant constitutional provisions when adjudicating a particular case.
Section 5 stands at odds with the basic constitutional principle of coequal sovereignty, not only by prohibiting duly enacted state laws from taking immediate effect, but also by carving out a subset of states for disfavored treatment based on a badly outdated coverage formula.
Cyberspace has now taken a prominent role in the military as a fifth, coequal domain of warfare.
Maybe it never occurred to him to run these things by the two coequal members of the board.
While both equality and liberty have often been mere abstractions," Alexander Tsesis argues, "through fits and starts," the United States has made "remarkable" progress in achieving its "ideal of an independent and coequal citizenry" (2, 3).
At the heart of his argument is that while the Westphalian order and the international law tradition that arose from Hugo Grotius stressed the independent and coequal sovereignty of nations, and thus was an expression of a truly international code of conduct, the Chinese historical experience stressed the realization of harmonious order through "inexorable centralization" under a single sovereign with at least tributary relationships with all other participants in the international system.
You have to remember that the courts are a coequal branch of government.
The right to a fair trial and a right to a public trial are not coequal," Green said.
Arius was sure Jesus was subordinate to the Father, Athanasius that he was coequal and coeternal.
These reasons may be coequal, but the founders realized [that] telling the story by talking about what she did for her husband made a very different myth.
But from the opening page, Bergesen makes it clear that he is not arguing that the popular American (and some Japanese) cultural objects that he will consider (sneakers, movies, monsters, and toys) are wholly coequal with objects typically classified within the category of high culture.
The post was upgraded Monday from that of director general of the LDP Election Strategy Bureau to make it coequal with the three key posts, party members said.
And not only the elders participated: "every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them" praise God and the Lamb in majesty coequal (v.