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Synonyms for coequal

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

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having the same standing before the law

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79) As such, the Cleburne Court effectively nullified the sixth Frontiero factor, which viewed the enactment of antidiscrimination legislation by a coequal branch as further evidence of a group's suspect nature.
Graves notes that Milton's Death is "the only son who is clearly dramatized as coequal with his father" (133), quoting "So matched they stood" (PL 2:720).
Liens created pursuant to a [b]oard order and recorded in the public record shall remain liens coequal with the liens of all state, county, district and municipal taxes, superior in dignity to all other liens, titles and claims, until paid, and shall bear compound interest annually at a rate not to exceed the legal rate allowed for such liens and may be foreclosed pursuant to the procedure set forth in Fla.
As we shall see, this is some evidence that state and federal courts were conceived of as coequal fora for federal causes of action.
By playing with the sonic similarity between "Donatello" and "Madonna," Mirrlees sees painter and mother as coequal engenderers of the salvation represented by Christ, in a way that significantly wrests the story from patriarchal moorings:
Over time, these self-governing, responsibility-taking, peer-led groups develop an increasingly articulate and coequal voice with that of the professionals.
But the treatment of fair housing as a coequal agency policy goal in the plan, rather than an overarching legal obligation, may perpetuate historical policy gridlock in the agency.
Education is coequal to the other essential Vincentian ministries: health care through hospitals and clinics (India, Nepal), community development (Belize), centers for the mentally challenged (Nepal, India), preschools and hospices (Botswana, India), and on and on.
Hamletmachine intimately swirls about stories of coequal and intermingled figures not just of Hamlet and Ophelia but of Man and Woman.
employees are coequal misdemeanor trial lawyers and all are veterans at
They need to be engaged as coequal partners from the start.
The Supreme Court and the Supreme Electoral Council, two coequal branches of government, are hand puppets for the Sandinista Party, which also holds a supermajority in the legislature," the report went on to say.
The court held, inter alia, that the Governor's decision "in no way infringes on the powers and duties of the coequal departments of our government" and is an issue "traditionally within the role of the judiciary to resolve," arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.
As Senator Lee pointed out in his remarks, Congress has a responsibility, as a branch of government coequal with the judiciary, to evaluate the constitutionality of legislation before passing it.