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Synonyms for coenobitic

of or relating to or befitting cenobites or their practices of communal living

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However, these retreats are all in a close relationship with major coenobitic monasteries, geographically, ideologically and visually.
Employing a device which subsequently became the trademark of Serbian postmodern prose, Pavic, in this allegorical story about two kinds of monks, coenobitic and idiorhythmic, transforms his historical material, freely combining it with legendary and mythological sources.
33) This social, philanthropic, and spiritual monastic outreach was particularly true of coenobitic monasteries in urban areas, such as the Pantokrator in Constantinople.
Sawles Warde leaves out these coenobitic heroes, while expanding the section on virgins, who are 'ilikest towart engles' (p.
10] Indeed the hour of noon seems to have been a particularly dangerous time for the solitary monks since, when the noontide demon arrived, he often brought with him a whole host of additional temptations (viewed as combinations of demons and evil thoughts, [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCEBLE IN ASCII] which could assuage the monk's feelings of chronic boredom and make him abandon the coenobitic life forever.