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optical device used to follow the path of a celestial body and reflect its light into a telescope

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The authority intends by way of open tender procedure in accordance with A* 3EG Section 1 VOL / A, the supply and installation of a two-mirror coelostat for which a tube is installed on site already, with protective dome, control and partially evacuated beam guidance and beam deflection (in 2 options ) mandate.
Then Anthony Cook, the landmark's official astronomical observer, dialed in the tracking coelostat despite a lingering marine layer that threatened to obscure the view.
5-inch telescope installed at Union Observatory (1925) 90 Brukkaros Solar Observatory (Karas region, Namibia) established (1925) 90 Edwin Hubble shows that the Andromeda Nebula (Messier 31) is an independent galaxy (1925) 60 45-cm Cox-Hargreaves telescope installed at Cape Observatory (1955) 50 Penzias and Wilson discover cosmic microwave background (1965) 50 First space walk, by Alexei Leonov aboard Voskhod 2 (1965) 40 First observations with Very Large Array (Soccoro, USA) (1975) 30 20-cm coelostat installed at Boyden Observatory (1985) 25 Hubble Space Telescope launched (1990) 20 Galileo spacecraft visits Jupiter (1995) 10 Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) opened (2005) Key: y.
We would also like to hear from anyone who may be able to help with the acquisition of a suitable 2-mirror type coelostat delivering a beam between 4 and 12 inches clear aperture: it doesn't matter how old and well-worn, as long as the optical surfaces are undamaged and the mechanicals serviceable.
coelostat A flat mirror that is mechanically steered so that it continuously reflects light from the same area of the sky into the field of view of an instrument that is fixed in position.
Finally, a coelostat mirror does not reflect sunlight vertically down a solar tower telescope without the aid of a secondary mirror.
Steerable flat mirrors in a heliostat or coelostat arrangement direct the Sun's rays through the telescope.