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one of the oldest known dinosaurs

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The fluctuating and harsh climate with widespread wildfires meant that only small two-legged carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Coelophysis, could manage to survive.
Only one other dinosaur, the small Triassic theropod Coelophysis bauri, has been suspected of cannibalism.
The world's smallest dinosaur trackway was fashioned by the feet of a juvenile Coelophysis sp.
Employing impressive computer animation that spans the ages from the Triassic period to the Cretaceous, some 160 million years, it follows the evolution of the beast from the diminutive coelophysis to the fearsome tyrannosaurus.
Coelophysis, Syntarsus, Dilophosaurus), have relatively short, raptorial fore-limbs (Welles 1984; Gauthier 1986; Colbert 1989; Sereno 1993; Sereno et al.
One dinosaur with hollow bones was Coelophysis (see-low-FIE-sis), shown at left.
Some scientists think that Coelophysis and other hollow-boned dinosaurs were ancient ancestors of birds.
New this year is a paleontology lab whereyou watch scientists work on fossils; this summer they'll be restoring a Coelophysis from Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.
It would have looked very much like a dinosaur called Coelophysis.
Also, Rogers notes, some paleontologists are questioning earlier claims of cannibalism among Coelophysis bauri, a theropod species for which dismembered remains of juveniles turned up seemingly within the rib cages of adults.
Painter of Painted Desert's pastel vistas, guardian of Petrified Forest's fossil vegetation, the Chinle has given scientists Coelophysis and other Triassic dinosaurs, and even more primitive thecodonts and phytosaurs.
Permanent exhibits include casts of a Coelophysis and phytosaur.
Only one other dinosaur, Coelophysis bauri, has been suspected of cannibalism but scientists lacked proof.
The best examples of Coelophysis fossils were found at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, in 1947, when hundreds were discovered.
COELOPHYSIS A highly adaptable little carnivorous dinosaur that was both an active hunter and a scavenger.