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a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity

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Fasting the patient for several hours before coelomic ultrasound may be necessary for optimal imaging because an ingesta-filled GIT inhibits the ultrasound waves, especially when using the ventromedian coupling site.
CFMYP is considered to transport zinc through the coelomic fluid during the reproductive season in adult sea urchins (Unuma et al.
Both SLSs and fragmented bundles of intermediate filaments can remain within the cytoplasm and there-fore can serve as natural markers helping to trace the developmental pathways of the coelomic epithelial cells.
Mycobacteriosis originally was considered the top differential in this case because of the profound loss of body condition and grossly abnormal coelomic granulomas.
The comparison of the different tissue types between the two regions showed significant differences in relative contribution for ovary, body wall (epidermis plus muscle layer plus nonsymbiotic cells of trophosome), and coelomic cavity.
Other diagnostic tests that would have been beneficial include coelomic ultrasound with fine needle aspirate and computed tomography scanning.
PLEUROPERICARDIAL CYST: They result from aberrations in the formation of coelomic cavities.
Although a structural variation of the frenulate trophosome seems to exist, in general this organ consists of two epithelia and blood spaces sandwiched between the basal matrix of the epithelia, whereby the inner one is composed of bacteriocytes and the outer one is the coelomic lining.
On presentation, physical examination revealed severe abdominal distention associated with a large, firm coelomic mass.
In starfish larvae, the esophagus muscle cells differentiate from mesodermal cells, which are derived from the coelomic pouch (14), (15).
Abstract: A 19-year-old male African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) was presented with coelomic distention after a 6-week history of lethargy and decreased appetite.
Dyrynda and King (1982), however, found spermatozoa in the coelomic cavity of a female zooid on a colony that had been maintained in isolation for several days.
The wall of the esophagus and stomach consists of coelomic epithelium, a connective tissue layer with hemal lacunae, and digestive epithelium.
On the contrast study, the vessels distributed within the mass were evident and were not found to project into the coelomic cavity.