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endoscopic examination of the abdomen through the abdominal wall

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Results of recheck whole-body radiographs were unremarkable, and a coelioscopy procedure was done to further investigate the respiratory system and coelomic organs.
Meloxicam and doxycycline therapies were continued, but the antifungal therapy was discontinued based on the absence of compatible signs of fungal infection on coelioscopy, a normal leukogram, and stable antibody titers.
A wild adult red kite (Milvus milvus), which weighed 650 g and was classified according to the American Society of Anesthesiologists as physical status II (patient with mild systemic disease), was anesthetized for coelioscopy for sex determination.
Thirty-four weeks after presentation and 7 weeks after the severe leukocytosis was identified, the macaw was transported to the Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for coelioscopy to evaluate the bird for neoplastic or fungal masses.
Results of various diagnostic tests including radiographs, Chlamydophila serologic testing, measurement of Aspergillus antibody and antigen titers, plasma protein electrophoresis, fecal culture and acid-fast staining, coelioscopy, endoscopy, tracheoscopy, exploratory coelomotomy, nuclear scintigraphy, tissue cultures, bone marrow biopsy, and histopathology revealed no underlying cause for the persistent leukocytosis.
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