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fish thought to have been extinct since the Cretaceous period but found in 1938 off the coast of Africa

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Yet more subfamilies (Aqp15 and -16) have been identified in non-mammalian vertebrates, including lampreys (Hyperoartia), sharks (Chondrichthyes), ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii), coelacanths (Actinistia), frogs (Amphibia), alligators (Crocodylia), and turtles (Testudines) (Finn et al.
Many scientists believe that coelacanth is the turning point of evolution between sea life and land life .
But, he went on, even that was nothing compared to an even more humongous coelacanth which, despite great care and expert handling, somehow managed to get away right at the side of the log, due entirely to bad luck.
During the past twenty years or so, he has written more than ten other well-received books, mainly focusing on the history of science and natural history, ranging from The Young Charles Darwin (2009) to Living Fossil: The Story of the Coelacanth (1991).
Through the last quarter of the twentieth century, or slightly longer, proof in school mathematics has been an oddity, a fossil survivor (where it has survived) like the coelacanth and the horseshoe crab.
These include pycnodontiform fish like Turbomesodon, the coelacanth "Holophagus" (one of the largest), Lepidotes, and several amiiform species (Vidalamia, Caturus and Amiopsis) (Poyato-Ariza and Wenz, 2004).
While Tomek was busy the rest of us found a tank of formaldehyde in a hallway that contained the famous coelacanth fish (a "living fossil") first discovered between the Comoro Islands and Madagascar in 1939.
The first time I heard of a so-called "extinct" species being "discovered" alive and well was on a radio programme in the late 1930s, when a fisherman on a ship off the south-east coast of Africa caught what was identified as a coelacanth, a fish believed to have been extinct for millions of years.
Meanwhile, the coelacanth fish is back to living after 64 million
Most of the poems in this collection are short, impressionist pieces on a range of topics such as fish, fossils, the coelacanth, metamorphosis and death.
In the movie, the blood of the fossilized fish, called a coelacanth, causes a research professor to regress into a murderous, prehistoric ape-man.
Tanzanian fishermen are continuing to catch coelacanth, a rare, endangered fish that was once believed to be extinct, according to researchers.
Aimed at a young adult audience, this 11-volume reference set provides an introduction to the comparative anatomical biology of animals and plants in the form of 83 articles focusing on specific organisms--including, for the purposes of example, albatross, bacteria, coelacanth, earthworm, human, jellyfish, marsh grass, mushroom, porcupine, sea horse, tarantula, venus flytrap, virus, wildebeest, and zebra--and a further ten articles discussing cell biology and genetics and the major anatomical organ systems.
Although the primary goal of this expedition, to locate and film a recently described coelacanth, was unsuccessful, several valuable collections of small reef fishes were obtained.