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fish thought to have been extinct since the Cretaceous period but found in 1938 off the coast of Africa

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2013 The African coelacanth genome provides insights into tetrapod evolution.
18) While an undergraduate he undertook considerable work for James Leonard Brierley Smith (1897-1968), the renowned South African ichthyologist accredited (probably bogusly, see Hodgson & Craig 2005: 5) with the identification of the first extant Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae Smith).
The coelacanth, the oldest known fish in history, is still found in south Africa.
By the 1970's, among White or Black San Franciscans, "God-damn-it" was a Komodo dragon or a coelacanth of maledicta, a living fossil, which had miraculously survived from an earlier time.
Even if these mystery creatures were found (like the coelacanth or the okapi), the search would be over and they would quickly move into the realm of zoology where the real science would begin.
What he lied about was the size of his coelacanth *, and the more he repeated the story the bigger his coelacanth grew, until it was the most massive ever claimed by any humanoid angler, Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon.
During the past twenty years or so, he has written more than ten other well-received books, mainly focusing on the history of science and natural history, ranging from The Young Charles Darwin (2009) to Living Fossil: The Story of the Coelacanth (1991).
The first time I heard of a so-called "extinct" species being "discovered" alive and well was on a radio programme in the late 1930s, when a fisherman on a ship off the south-east coast of Africa caught what was identified as a coelacanth, a fish believed to have been extinct for millions of years.
Most of the poems in this collection are short, impressionist pieces on a range of topics such as fish, fossils, the coelacanth, metamorphosis and death.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Walter Oil & Gas Corporation is pleased to announce the installation of the recently completed Coelacanth Field platform at Ewing Bank Block 834 (EW 834) in the Gulf of Mexico.
Any reasonable scientist would never inject himself with coelacanth blood.
Tanzanian fishermen are continuing to catch coelacanth, a rare, endangered fish that was once believed to be extinct, according to researchers.