coefficient of friction

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the ratio of the weight of an object being moved along a surface and the force that maintains contact between the object and the surface

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The Wood Handbook (FPL 1999) states that the wood-wood coefficient of friction is dependent on moisture content (MC) and surface roughness.
That material's coefficient of friction is approximately that of the human palm, the scientists say.
From these results the appropriate coefficient of friction for the defined characteristic points of the oscillatory link mechanism has been calculated radial forces of different weights:
In carefully controlled lab experiments, Ben-David found that points along the contact surface could sustain up to five times as much sideways force as the coefficient of friction predicted, and the object still wouldn't budge.
1), where the coefficient of friction ([mu]) is defined as the ratio of the frictional force (F) to the normal force (W).
The code states that Slip Resistant areas must have a surface Coefficient of Friction (COF) greater then 0.
The new tribological compound meets the requirements of mechanical load and tribological performance in challenging thermal and chemical environments, and has the ability to meet the need for economical processing and low density, the company says, adding that WG 101 offers significantly improved wear rates and reduced coefficient of friction when compared with its standard Peek 450FC30, which is used in the bulk of Victrex PEEK polymer applications in friction and wear environments.
The coefficient of friction and the friction force were determined using ball-on-disc dry sliding tests.
New brand names are as follows: -- New trademarked product Aeos(TM), formerly known as ePTFE, is a micro-porous material that is medically implantable and has a low coefficient of friction.
Key Feature: Exceeds OSHA-recommended coefficient of friction
For injection molders, the lower coefficient of friction is said to allow quicker, cleaner mold release.
Tests conducted by Bekaert show an average 15% reduction in camshaft friction losses at common city driving engine speeds, and claims the coating has the lowest coefficient of friction of any commercially available coating.
It offers a low coefficient of friction to processors and users and can be processed in many different colors.
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