coefficient of drag

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the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body

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The aerodynamic design of the 2010 Tahoe results in a segment-leading coefficient of drag of 0.
The coefficient of drag reached its peak when wind speeds measured around 115 kilometers per hour--a pace just shy of the threshold for a category 1 hurricane, the team reports in the March 23 Science.
With a coefficient of drag literally one-third of a subcompact car and less than half the weight, the all-electric version will get up to 120 miles per charge, while the hybrid version, which will follow in about 12 months, will achieve close to 300 MPG.
02 lower coefficient of drag (Cd) than the former model
The model features a model-specific front air dam, side skirts borrowed from the sporty Abarth, and a range of subtle aerodynamics optimising changes that help trim the coefficient of drag from .
25 coefficient of drag, which would make the car very efficient aerodynamically.
Wind tunnel testing at NASA's Langley, Virginia facility revealed a coefficient of drag of just .
The key goal in its development was to improve driving dynamics by further increasing downforce, while preserving the same coefficient of drag as the standard equipment.
29 coefficient of drag is low for a vehicle of its size and roominess.
And if athletes tend to be sleek and fit, then that's also part of the Note design: the car has a highly respectable coefficient of drag of 0.
With high style and an even higher coefficient of drag, the Cube seems to have what it takes to captivate the living-in-the-parentsAAE-basement set.
28 coefficient of drag (Cd) lets the Avalon slice through wind resistance, a boon to aid both fuel economy and strength.
Additional underbody panels, while not seen, reduce the coefficient of drag (Cd) from 0.
So things like the narrower front end form, large rear spoiler, integrated sill aero spats, tail lamps that kick the air off the side of the body, and specific wheel geometries all contribute to a vehicle with a coefficient of drag of 0.
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