coefficient of correlation

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For investigation of relationship between academic performance and well-being among university students, Pearson product-moment coefficient of correlation were calculated with the help of (SPSS, V-18.
The mathematical measure of correlation of two occasional variables is the correlation ratio, or the coefficient of correlation.
The coefficient of correlation was calculated to determine the impact of the combined maxillary incisor widths on the maxillary intermolar and interpremolar arch widths.
The coefficient of correlation of successive interarrival times is 0.
The coefficient of correlation between the actual and the fitted values indicates the degree of linear association between these two series.
Test results of present study were plotted by keeping VP as a regressor and UCS as a response variable and then analyzed statistically by using coefficient of correlation (R2).
The coefficient of correlation concludes the strong suit direction of a linear bonding between variables.
Inter-relationship between various dimensions of OCB: Correlation analysis by determining Karl Pearson's coefficient of correlation (r) indicates that a high to low degree of positive correlation was found to exist between helping behavior, courtesy and sportsmanship.
The table shows the change in the coefficient of correlation between these attributes and associations with the variability of soil moisture content.
Coefficient of correlation Propensity of a trusted successor to take over has the most amount among all coefficients (0.
Coefficient of correlation between body weight (Kg) and other linear body measurements
The coefficient of correlation is significant if obtained value P is P < 0.
Pearson's coefficient of correlation was done and regression coefficient (R value) determined to assess the association of inflammatory markers; ESR, TLC, S.
Across the 46 states for which data on each measure are publicly available, the two location quotients are positively and significantly correlated with each other (the coefficient of correlation is 0.
In Table 4 which relates to HPo1, the coefficient of correlation is 0.
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