coefficient of concordance

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a coefficient of agreement (concordance) between different sets of rank orderings of the same set of things

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The results of Kendall coefficient of concordance (W) and Friedman's [chi square] statistical test of the opinions of the respondents in Table 1 show that the prequalification criteria (n=26) and tender criteria (n=19) when p = 3 were respectively calculated as 54.
To assess interrater reliability, Kendall's coefficient of concordance was used.
W-Kendall coefficient of concordance is a method of examining the concordance between assessments performed by competent examiners such as experienced doctors, tutors, and so forth.
In a decreasing order of weights it is possible to rank estimates of each expert and to calculate the coefficient of concordance.
To calculate the coefficient of concordance W one must know: the sum of ranks of each index [e.
The overall agreement among k experts is given by the Kendall coefficient of concordance W.
Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance was calculated for measuring the agreement of respondents on their rankings of CSFs.
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