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attended by members of both sexes


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To be located in Al Barsha South on a 40,000-square-metre campus, the school will offer students a FS1 to Year 13 British curriculum in a coeducational setting, leading to the award of IGCSEs and A-levels.
To provide access to women for whom cultural barriers would make it difficult or impossible to attend coeducational institutions;
Keywords: Gender Differential Academic Achievement Single-sex Primary Schools Coeducational Primary School
Exclusively an all-women's institution for its first 152 years, Peace began offering coeducational evening courses through the William Peace School of Professional Studies in 2009.
In addition, many elite institutions had already become coeducational prior to the late 1960s, or were founded as such, including Brown, Cornell, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and the University of Chicago.
An account of these studies is available in "Single Sex versus Coeducational Schooling: A Systematic Review" (Mael, Alonso, Gibson, Rogers and Smith, 2005)
Research has also indicated that this is particularly true among adolescent females in coeducational physical education classes (Hannon& Ratliffe; Osborne, et al.
Lee and Bryk (1986) examined educational achievement gains during attendance at single-sex and coeducational Australian Catholic high schools, as measured by test score gains on the reading, mathematics, science and writing components of the High School and Beyond test battery.
Those rules would require any coeducational public school which offers classes segregated by sex to also offer coed classes for all "non-vocational" subjects.
Lawrence Technological University, founded in 1932 as Lawrence Institute of Technology, is a private institution with a coeducational student body numbering approximately 5,000.
The following are the major research questions addressed by the systematic quantitative review: (1) Are single-sex schools more or less effective than coeducational schools in terms of concurrent, quantifiable academic accomplishments?
A week after Anthony and Montgomery spoke from the YWCA platform, the trustees of the University of Rochester voted to make the university coeducational if the women of the city could raise the substantial sum of $100,000 for the university.
Therefore, keeping in mind the ongoing debate on the effectiveness of single-sex and coeducational schools for gender equity, it seems important to examine students' attitudes toward PE and PE class preferences in these two different types of school.
In her various writings Wollstonecraft stood firmly against slavery and monarchy and for children's rights, the value of breastfeeding, coeducational schools, animal rights, and other progressive ideas.
Most of this research has been designed to understand motivation to achieve in coeducational settings using a range of models of motivation.