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Shoes on the table I thought this was complete codswallop, but it appears to have been rooted in truth.
Designated 'food snoop" Harry Codswallop of the Torygraph had the perfect opportunity to raise the standard.
About as high as you can go in uniform in point of fact, so there is no room for complacency or more blatant codswallop from on high.
If you think it's just scientists getting together to sort out a problem, that's codswallop," he says.
James Woodall's sleuth-scrupulous biography is itself a Borgesian text in that the recording eye is ever aware of the things Borges himself might have been sensitive to: the immortal themes (and how prone they are to tampering with); history as a circle that feels like a straight line; chance that arrives with the ring of destiny; and the insidious possibility that all such speculation is either solipsism or codswallop.
The first time I saw `Tristan,' it was a very conservative production, and I thought it was the biggest load of codswallop I'd ever seen,'' he says.
Not that anyone seems to have told Ryan Gosling who, after being lauded for Drive, Blue Valentine and Half Nelson, has written and directed this pretentious codswallop.
Now he's surfaced yet again and this time he's talking even more codswallop.
Some have said that the revelation that his PS7m release clause kicks in again in January makes him more bother than he's worth, which is codswallop.
Considering US actions in the Middle East in the last two decades, I would say the marines' actions represent the entire American nation except they were boldly done without the usually diplomatic codswallop justifying the crimes.
Those companies south of the border who are force-feeding us this Anglo-Saxon codswallop seem totally unaware that in other parts of the UK their advertising is costing sales.
He added: "Some people might say, 'What a load of codswallop.
DEPUTY city council leader Kevin Foster says the findings of a right-wing "think tank" on economic deprivation are "a load of codswallop.
Murphy said: "The whole thing is a load of codswallop.
For from what I have heard from the Chelsea boss it's my humble opinion that he talks a lot of codswallop.