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(15th-16th century) a flap for the crotch of men's tight-fitting breeches

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Give us inauthentic codpieces over historically inaccurate codswallop any time.
Bag-type genital coverings, he demonstrates, evoked the scrotum and were associated with earlier notions of manhood as based in reproduction and lineage, whereas later codpieces were stiffer, phallic protuberances that corresponded to emergent discourses of masculinity as requiring sexual dominance over women.
Historically, there's great variety in commedia costumes, so we took a playful approach--we used visible, exposed add-ons, such as codpieces, or a pillow stuffed in the old man Pompino's doublet in order to change his profile.
Festooned with intrigue, murder, vengeance and enough codpieces to make your eyes water, Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth has surely set a new standard for historical costume dramas.
Handkerchiefs (chapter 1), codpieces (chapter 2), beards (chapter 3), and hair (chapter 4) are regarded as accessories that have a prosthetic value and 'materialized specific forms of masculine and feminine identity' (p.
Specifically, handkerchiefs, codpieces, beards, and hair mattered in two important, interrelated ways: they were both the stuff of gender and that which rendered gender intelligible.
In his version of the tale, Leonidas and his boys are rippling hunks of man meat who fight the mutated enemy in codpieces while making sure their women get a good dose of loving.
We were wearing codpieces decorated with tassels and people were laughing at us.
Now I'm in the Liza Minnelli club but without David Gest,' said the singer, who has spent his career camping it up in OTT stage costumes like high heels, bustles and codpieces.
You need only think back to the Elizabethans in their silk doublets, hose, ruff and codpieces.
If you're not prepared to make yourself vulnerable in a relationship and thus make a total fool of yourself, its not going to work,'' says Oscar- winning actor Ben Kingsley (``Gandhi,'' ``Sexy Beast''), who does just that in ``The Triumph of Love,'' the new film fairly bursting with bustles and codpieces, directed by Clare Peploe, Bernardo Bertolucci's wife.
whose fetish is medieval food and codpieces, a doting homosexual duped by the pretty hustler he found in a Naples bar, a pedantic scholar who cannot make his students enthuse over Perugian bloodshed, two retired couples convinced that Italian art will redeem them, and, uniting all the rest, a devilishly suave lawyer to whom ever/one turns because he promises to set things right (by means of further corruption).
The volume's strength and its weakness alike lie in the breadth of its inclusions, which, as their titles make clear, extend from anthropological studies of hominoids to Renaissance representations of contemporary codpieces.
Rickard, Willbond and their regular small-screen collaborators Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas and Jim Howick don frocks, codpieces and fake moustaches to portray the motley crew of misfits who inhabit this outlandish vision of late 16th-century London.