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(15th-16th century) a flap for the crotch of men's tight-fitting breeches

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Handkerchiefs (chapter 1), codpieces (chapter 2), beards (chapter 3), and hair (chapter 4) are regarded as accessories that have a prosthetic value and 'materialized specific forms of masculine and feminine identity' (p.
Sir Philip Sidney is balancing a wine glass on his codpiece
Or will King Erotic's army, led by the codpiece cramming Testiclees (Ziering), poke a tragic hole in the Trojans?
There are also rumours that he will be seen sporting a large red codpiece, although the novel's author has raised concerns about the historical accuracy of the adaptation.
Four writers, six performers and six weeks of hard work has resulted in this new show by Warwick University's Codpiece Theatre company and Freshblood New Writing Society.
Jay Simpson is outstanding as the devil dog, who appears in little more than a codpiece and wagging tail, with enlarged pointed ears and twisted horns.
Even the King wore one, accessorised with a chainmail codpiece and a weird tonsure that made him resemble a Klingon warlord, recently beamed down into the vast, grim hangar of designer Madeleine Boyd's set.
Breeches and boots were soft fawn leather and his codpiece fashionably discreet.
The biggest name was probably Mark Wright, the grinning codpiece from The Only Way is Essex.
A blogger who put up a post called "The Five Sluttiest Wedding Dresses", call the woman's dress "the equivalent of the groom wearing a codpiece," reports the Telegraph.
It would be nice to see David Moyes shifting uneasily in the dugout in an overly-tight codpiece or a Christopher Biggins-style pantomime dame outfit.
no one recognises him when he's not wearing a codpiece.
HENRY VIII always padded his codpiece to make his package look bigger.
not least a small spot of codpiece chafing, as he tells Ben Falk.
He said the strangest thing he's seen a man knit was a Scottish codpiece, and that he's currently crocheting three-dimensional models of geometric processes.