codling moth

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a small grey moth whose larvae live in apples and English walnuts

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Codling moth is the number one global pest of apples and pears, and the oriental fruit moth is the second.
Now food technologists at supermarket chain Sainsbury's have come up with a method wherein a male codling moth is coated with pheromone, a natural perfume used by the females to attract mates.
Keeping apple and pear orchards free from Codling Moth infestation is paramount to obtaining successful yields.
Apple pests, including codling moth and spotted tentiform leafminer, were conspicuously absent throughout much of the state.
Off-white maggots with brown heads inside the apples - they are likely to be the caterpillars of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella).
The little white codling moth caterpillars eat invisibly out from the core of the fruit, rendering it useless for anything other than the compost heap.
says the ban on methyl parathion will not have a huge effect on Washington apple growers, because methyl parathion has been used primarily as a last-resort treatment to protect apples from pests such as codling moth and leafrollers.
detection of indigenous and established pests to aid control efforts (bertha army worm trapping in Canadian canola fields, and monitoring of codling moth in many apple and pear producing areas).
I would definitely spray fruit trees using any of the approved insecticides - otherwise numbers may build up to the point the tree cannot cope and aborts much of its fruit and any left may be infected with pests such as sawfly or codling moth larvae.
Spray apples against red spider mite, scab, mildew, bitter pit and codling moth.
EPA has granted registration to Madex[R] HP, the first granulosis virus approved for use in North America that controls the larvae of both the codling moth (Cydia pomonella) and oriental fruit moth (Grapholita molesta).
Helena and Ken Doyle, by email CAROL: It is caused by the caterpillars of the codling moth, which burrow into the heart of the apple, staying for several weeks.
Hang pheromone traps in apple trees to reduce codling moth damage to your fruit.
Pear ester alone is a potent attractant for both sexes of codling moth.
ciliata (found on the tree trunk and surrounding area) may be amenable to control with EPNs in a similar approach taken for suppression of overwintering codling moth, Cydia pomonella (L.