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A pair of French engineers--outsiders to the world of coding theory--astonished the insiders with their invention of what they called turbo codes, which come within a hair's breadth of Shannon's limit.
We won't disagree that there would be some cost to making the change, but we don't have a choice as a country," said Sue Bowman, director of coding policy and compliance for the American Health Information Management Association, a nonprofit association of more than 46,000 members that manage patient health records and databases for providers, health plans, governments and provider organizations.
When the surgeon performs a laser, radiofrequency, or cautery procedure, the only coding option is 30140-52 (reduction of the turbinates; the "-52" modifier indicates reduced services).
With bar coding, the counters scan each item's bar code and enter the resulting count on a keypad.
For cases where the bill is more than $1,000, have the coding assistant assign a code to each service documented in the operative notes.
But if Hebert and his collaborators are correct, DNA bar coding could have a tremendous impact on both scientists and nonscientists with a need to recognize different species.
Most payers would agree that CPT coding accuracy has improved remarkably over the past five years.
In the digital world, the ease in the implementation of various coding algorithms is leading the way for the adoption of convolution codes, as compared to block codes.
Almost every time digital information is transmitted or stored in a real-world application, some form of error coding is required," says P.
As previously disclosed by the company, the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) has been pursuing a single, all-inclusive Category I CPT code for UFE to supplant the multiple component coding currently utilized by physicians.
Department of Defense and NASA plan to try out coding systems that pack in much more information than current bar codes.
This improved workflow minimizes the need for hand coding, which in turn decreases errors and shortens the time typically needed for on-target rapid prototyping and production code deployment, two factors that are critical to successful delivery of sophisticated electronic products in the automotive industry.
Business Dynamics Limited (BDL), a full-service provider of practice management services, tools and education for the spine specialist, announced today they will be showcasing CaseCoder[TM], the first hand-held spine coding management system designed to ease the tedious process of spine coding, at the North American Spine Society 21st annual meeting.
com) announced the release of the web version of its 2007 Home Health ICD9 Diagnosis Coding Manual.
DecisionHealth, the nation's trusted source for meeting the regulatory needs of health care practitioners, providers and their administrative staff nationwide has just released the 2007 Complete Home Health ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual and complementary on-line service.