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organize into a code or system, such as a body of law

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Codifying would reduce the number of pages, but the legislation volume would remain the same, it said.
Fiji's parliament plans to take up a bill codifying the 1872 Deed of Cession under which Fiji's chiefs handed the country to Britain, which is seen as a step towards compensating indigenous Fijians who subsequently lost their lands.
Both of these works involved codifying and manipulating quotidian data through an improbably complex set of procedures, resulting in impressively ominous displays whose precise import remained resolutely indeterminate.
FASB is launching a series of administrative projects aimed at codifying and simplifying U.
Certainly, the idea of the state codifying and enforcing "biological law" ought to set off a few alarm bells.
As initially proposed, the provision in each bill codifying economic substance presented the same difficulties as the federal proposal:
By enacting strict limits on contributions and also by codifying the code of conduct, which limits the ability of board members to affect the impartiality of awards, it will open up the door for purely competitive bids that will be decided on .