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organize into a code or system, such as a body of law

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Dubai: The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) said on Wednesday its registration authority has issued a public consultation paper inviting public feedback and comments to codify existing corporate beneficial ownership and control practices in line with international standards.
In a statement, JFC said it has submitted a letter to House of Representatives Revision of Laws Committee Chairperson Marlyn Primicias-Agabas on February 4, 2014 in support of House Bills 377, 378, 380, 1433, and 3572, seeking to review and codify Philippine civil, commercial, and penal laws, creating code commissions for the purpose.
1) Such efforts have been part of an on-again, off-again push by developed countries to codify and harmonize international investment law, with the goal of reducing barriers to international capital flows and facilitating regional integration in places like North America and Europe.
AGR reportedly had clients that were keen to use the AGR software in a Vista compatible version and Codify managed the certification process on behalf of AGR.
COT has actively opposed recent Congressional attempts to codify the doctrine, successfully arguing that the proposed legislative language is extremely broad and could result in the denial of tax benefits for legitimate business transactions.
But former FEC Commissioner Bradley Smith argues that it would be better to codify the Net exemption in statute rather than let the commission rely on its own rulemaking.
Enter Goldberg, who has proposed legislation that would explicitly codify the DWP's position into state law, meaning that the schools and other public agencies would have to pay the same fees as private parties.
Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board presents the fascinating true history of the ouija board, a device purported to facilitate communication with spirits, back to John Dee, Queen Elizabeth's advisor, who allegedly used it to contact angels and codify the Enochian Alphabet.
The artist limits himself to setting forth the conditions for this attribution of meaning, intervening with the components that codify the work as such.
In general, the new rule would codify and make mandatory best-practice guidelines that NASD had previously issued, the agency said.
But listing the New Testament wasn't enough for Athanasius; he wanted to codify the correct belief system of the books that remained.
A coalition that includes New Jersey auto recyclers, scrap processors, steel mills, pipe foundries and environmentalists is promoting legislation to codify the removal of mercury switches in the Garden State.
The EU has a mess of several overlapping treaties and protocols, which it is now proposed to codify into a single text.
Tharoor alludes to this evil notion by pointing out that UN Security Council "resolutions do not serve only to codify the acceptable in the eyes of the world; they also, quite directly, lay down the law.