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organize into a code or system, such as a body of law

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Gunn said the policy codifies nuisance-abatement procedures and requires that any crime reports used against businesses in zoning appeals are directly related to the establishment.
TRA '97 Section 961 codifies the decision in Dayton Hudson that taxpayers can take into account and estimate inventory shrinkage occurring through year-end, provided the method used clearly reflects income.
The NemeriX EK 2040 developer codifies NemeriX's systems-level expertise, and packages it up in a manner that helps customers replicate the NeneriX design into their own offerings.
As a matter of fact, it just codifies the fact that they're privileged, they can maintain privilege, and can give privilege to the privileged.
Its legislative history is not very illuminating, stating only that the provision codifies the rule that a foreign government is treated as a corporate resident of its country for purposes of a treaty obligation of the United States (so long as reciprocal treatment is granted the United States by the foreign government), and for purposes of the Code generally (without regard to any corresponding treatment by a foreign government); there is no explanation of what the term "corporate resident" means.
The product codifies proven sales processes, provides step-by-step sales guidance, creates a high-touch and unique buying experience for the customer, and provides each salesperson with a live assistant to help them offload mundane administrative tasks that prevent them from staying in selling mode.
In a proposed rule published in the Federal Register November 20, 2003, EPA essentially codifies the associations' long-held management practices governing how textile supply and service companies and their customers handle industrial shop towels soiled with solvents and sent for laundering.
The tutorial also will provide a preview of FAS 149, which codifies certain modifications to FAS 133, including the accounting for purchase commitments.