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enacted by a legislative body


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In this instance, EU ministers have approved a new codified regulation on supplementary certificates that rolls all previous laws on the topic into one.
First Star grading criteria include the state policy for public disclosure, whether the policy is codified in statute, the ease of access to the information, the scope of information released, and whether Dependency Court proceedings are open or closed.
to prepare codified bylaws consistent with the town charter and state law.
Dunham distilled dance forms of the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa into a codified system of stage dancing.
Some marketers advocated a wholly unworkable and unsafe opt-out method that became codified in the US Federal CAN-SPAM law.
Pagels examines how early Christian texts because codified as canon.
Codified with all amendments and conforming changes as of January 2004, this new edition now also includes an exhibit detailing relevant rules and standards of the PCAOB and how they amend or supersede the PCAOB interim standards.
Paolini reproposes the traditional notion of the painting as "window," as a representation of the space, codified and delimited by its surface, outline, and frame.
The requirement was codified by Deputy Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy for Acquisition Workforce and Career Management memorandum, Subject: "Position Category Descriptions and Experience, Education and Training Requirements for Fiscal Year 2004," Release #04-01, dated August 1, 2003.
Whilst attacking those who seek to have an informed debate, albeit through the letters page, Mr Warwick misses what most elementary students of politics know - that there are two types of Constitution, codified and uncodified.
This introduction to Chinese brush painting presents the reader with a brief history of the art, its styles and its six canons as codified by Hsieh Ho in the 5th century.
ii) Sections 302, 303, 304, 306, 401(b), 404, 406 and 407 of the Sarbanes--Oxley Act of 2002 codified at 15 U.
According to Bontis, we need to learn to control various degrees of knowledge as well as meet the challenges of the not-so-distant future: by 2010, cumulative codified information will double every 11 hours, organizations waste billions each year due to knowledge duplication, and people/employees are treated as expenses when they should be treated as assets.
The trouble is, restrictions on marriage codified in law turn private sex lives into public business.
This AICPA book, codified with all amendments and conforming changes as of Jan.