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enacted by a legislative body


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Many dancers have adopted his technique, and his work has been codified and taught worldwide.
Teachers introduce original combinations with improvisational accompaniment, rather than teaching set, codified exercises to familiar classical music repertoire.
These solutions are based on proprietary methodologies codified in the best-selling book The End Of Marketing As We Know It, and incorporate best practices from leading global companies.
Combined with MedcomSoft Record 2006, CareCatalyst will dramatically simplify practice workflows and allow our users to work with fully codified patient information from the moment the patient first interacts with their practice," says Dr.
The company has captured and codified the Zubulake elements in its Atlas Litigation Communications and Collections solution, taking a leadership position at a critical juncture in the legal community.
Supporting these services, AIW features MedcomSoft RECORD(TM), an innovative Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management Software (PMS) solution designed to simplify the recording of medical notes and production of codified medical charts.
Product Incorporates Application Lifecycle Management Features and Third-Party Tool Integrations to Enable Codified yet Flexible Process Support for Distributed Software Development
Socrates Kominakis, in accordance with the provisions of Article 23a of Codified Law 2190/1920, which requires the pre-approval by the General Assembly of Shareholders of any agreement between the Company and its Board of Directors members.
SAN FRANCISCO -- SB 800, California's landmark "fix-it" law, gives builders the right to repair construction defects in a home before a lawsuit can be filed, but includes new codified functionality standards.
As more information is collated and codified in greater volumes and with greater speed, there is a risk to all employees of becoming ignorant at an accelerating pace.
The LPM is mathematically codified, using information supplied by prospective clients after an algorithm compares the submitted personality data; the major difference to existing systems, is the 95% degree of reliability.
Many of the policy objectives set forth by the CSAC group have been codified in the new compacts, including the provision that subjects gaming tribes who wish to undertake new projects to an environmental review.
Cancellation of 12,794,900 own shares, as more than three years have elapsed since their acquisition, and pursuant to article 16, paragraph 12, of Codified Law 2190/1920, they have to be cancelled.
The governor must include the sum sufficient appropriation in the biennial budget bill, a security feature now codified, and the 2002-2004 budget bill includes such an appropriation.