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Certain practical issues (such as how the Codification is referred to), however, remains to be resolved.
Another benefit of the codification will be the ability to provide timely information with real-time updates as new standards are released.
The results, to date, of the FASB Codification Project's efforts to structure the AAL are discussed.
In addition to clarifying how the economic substance doctrine is to be applied, both the House and Senate codification proposals include provisions for new disclosure requirements and strict-liability penalties for transactions that lack economic substance.
Since codification means conservation, the next step is for the development, construction and design communities to go beyond LEED, voluntarily, by making a building regenerative.
Accordingly, the logisticians' need for standard, accurate information at their fingertips is growing," said Richard Maison, the DLIS executive director, who also serves as the chairman of the NATO Group of National Directors of Codification (Allied Committee 135).
Without detracting from the merits of the book as a valuable source of information on the epistle and its codification, I would like to comment on two aspects of this study.
The role of National Codification Bureaus is little known in logistics circles, less so outside of logistics.
The codification of whiteness, efforts across the still new nation to set apart the rights of whites from the those denied to blacks, was taking place.
The Federal Arbitration Act represents a codification of a strong federal policy in favor of arbitration as a faster and less expensive means of dispute resolution.
Experience has showed that each codification scheme is subject to its own and unique set of loss causes, which are often difficult to characterize [Gonzales 1996].
Until the end of the forties, the "first wave," high attention was given to the photographic presentation of atrocities, replaced by a second period characterized by partial amnesia, habituation, and the codification of narrative conventions and visual representations of the Holocaust.
BPC is the second-largest publisher of municipal codes and Lexis said it is the only codification company to develop and support industry-specific software.
Because they are not separately identified in international trade and customs codification nomenclatures, they are invisible in international trade flows.
Caponi's collection of essays will perhaps be criticized as essentialist (the writers seem to argue for a codification of blackness).