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a supplement to a will

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Apart from the unexecuted codicil what is Geoffrey Delamayn's position in the will?
After the feeling that he has shown in the matter, I believe he would sign the codicil.
Now, I have only one thing more to say, you hammer- headed woman, and that is, that I haven't altogether made up my mind whether I might, or might not, have ever given you any trouble about the codicil.
A THE only way a last will and testament can be legally changed is by making a codicil to the existing will or making an entirely new will.
Judge Czygier made a finding in his Decision that "Affidavits from each of the Mercer objectants support their claim that various nautical instruments (valued at close to $200,000) owned by their father were sold by co-fiduciary Carol Mercer before probate was granted the decedent's will and codicil.
3 HORSE MONEY (Pedro Costa) The Portuguese director's ghostly codicil to his Fontainhas trilogy transpires in the catacombs of memory.
admitted to probate as the Last Will and Testament and First Codicil In the Las1 Will and Testament al the above named decedent and the undersigned have been appointed co-Executrixes thereunder.
e law of complexion adds as a codicil that said eruption will continue for the evening of the subsequent classy black-tie dinner - "carriages at midnight, darling" - and will not heal until the day after when you have absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go.
QA relative's will and codicil which concerns me was dated incorrectly and the witness was not present when the will was signed.
Some of the exhibitions of Syrian work staged in Beirut since 2011 have been accompanied by the codicil that it is important to see this work now, regardless whether it's any good or not.
Ortiz re-invented himself at age 34, after a terrible season in 2009, and has had a remarkable four-year codicil to his career.
Being able to go to points either in the past or future would confer power that is almost beyond comprehension and hence the usual codicil that is added that so-called time travellers cannot alter history.
Deford confesses that "two postnuptial agreements" have kept the marriage intact: he never shows Carol anything he writes, for if she says she dislikes it, he hates her, "and there go 46 years down the drain"; she does not have to attend an event at which he speaks, with the codicil that, when he speaks on a luxury cruise ship, she must be present because "she dresses up the crowd.
In 1997 and 1998, Sylvia Bates executed a will and codicil that would, upon her death, create a trust to be funded by the assets that remained in her estate after all expenses were paid.