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an official list of chemicals or medicines etc

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an unbound manuscript of some ancient classic (as distinguished from a scroll)


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As for the gold pectoral with its skeletal jaw, the Mixtec codices contain pictures of several goddesses bearing the same eerie feature.
In the following chapters, Gumming launches into an exhaustive exploration of the repertory in Bologna Q15 and the Trent Codices.
Lee saw no reason to prefer Greek codices to the Vulgate, but saw many reasons for protecting the Vulgate against the alterations what were the result of Erasmus's researches - for example, the famous instance of Erasmus's retranslation of the beginning of the Fourth Gospel as "In principio erat sermo," or his elimination of the "comma Johanneum.
Had Gehl combined his fine and rigorous analysis of the several literary codices which he identified in various libraries with an equally systematic exploration of the social contexts in which these texts were produced and read, he might well have produced a first-rate contribution to our knowledge of late medieval Florence.
Given the compilers' careful attention to both dating of manuscripts and provenance, it would be useful to see outlines that present the codices chronologically and by apparent location of creation.
In his preface, Griggio provides a census of the nearly 250 codices that contain letters to or from Barbaro, each with its own siglum denoting city and library where the manuscript is housed.
Dobszay uses a wide range of Hungarian codices to make his argument, thereby situating the Istanbul Antiphonal in a broader context.
He provides 34 texts to support his contentions, including eight codices of diaconal ordination ceremonies for women: the famous Codex Barberini gr.
Typologies such as this create roads leading into the corpus at different points and allow one to focus on and understand one kind of manuscript or narrative within the context of the whole, and they are most useful when they follow intentionally significant differences in the existing codices.
The year 1995 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the thirteen codices which comprise the Nag Hammadi library.
Brilliant in the arts, sciences and engineering, he was driven by a deep sense of curiosity about the world around him, recording his observations on scores of paper sheets that were later gathered and bound as manuscripts, or codices.