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used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man

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The defeat leaves the Codgers in the relegation places.
As the club sank into the depths of liquidation, it seems the trophy ceased to be presented - or maybe the Old Codgers just passed away.
There comes a point in the life of old codgers when you have to give up" - Jeremy Paxman on his decision to quit Newsnight.
The veteran rockers - that's the diplomatic term for old codgers - are one of the finest live bands around if no longer the loudest.
After all, it's only rock 'n' roll and the old codgers like it, like it - yes, they do.
I'VE long failed to see what draws those moustachioed old codgers at Lord's to England's national game.
The series regularly gained audiences of 18 million viewers and is still repeated world wide, which isn't bad going for a comedy about a bunch of old codgers falling about in a seaside resort pretending to be soldiers.
Particularly, of course, with two old codgers such as Craig and Archie standing at one side of it .
Older and more prescription-dependent codgers will garner the highest amounts.
THE ARTFUL CODGERS (Thursday, Channel 4, 9pm) documents the story of a family of art forgers who worked from a Bolton council house shed.
Don't think: Griffiths moves Ferrara in with a couple of old codgers, which is kind of ewww until it becomes awww.
You won't find any old codgers at the track reminiscing about how, way back in the 1950s, they trained the winner of the William Hill Favourites For Web Bettors
OLD codgers Jackie O'Shea (Ian Bannen) and Michael O'Sullivan (David Kelly) discover that someone in their tiny village of Tuliagh Mohr holds the winning lottery ticket.
Professors in J-schools across the country, themselves old codgers, used to rail about maintaining the separation between news and ads, and impart the idea that delivering the news was a higher moral calling.
And don't forget this is Jennings, Louisiana, a town with 8,000 friendly people and a few old codgers.