codfish cake

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usually made of flaked salt cod and mashed potatoes


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Crawford was a "true New Englander," and one of her favorite suppers was codfish cakes and baked beans with chocolate pudding for dessert, according to her granddaughter.
Interspersed between the easy-to-follow instructions to make seafood delights from Lobster Stew to Old-Fashioned Salt Codfish Cakes to Creamy Cape Cod Clam Chowder are anecdotes, New England culinary trivia, quotable quotes, and much more.
That means meat loaf with truffle gravy, homemade doughnut holes, codfish cakes, and what's arguably the best burger in town.
We spent two days in a frenzy of cooking, and George greeted the guests with rum punch while Euphita fried salted codfish cakes outside in a coal pot she'd managed to cram into her luggage.
She mashed them to a gummy pulp and buried them between layers of unsuspecting codfish cakes, and rolled them into tiny, glutinous globules surreptitiously concealed within the cores of mushy meatballs.