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a secret agent who was one of the Navajos who devised and used a code based on their native language

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The Comanche Codetalkers of World War II", by Joseph Connole, in the Vol.
On November 3rd, 1989, there was a Codetalkers Decoration Ceremony, held on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol building.
The Windtalkers of the title were Navajo Indian codetalkers in the American ranks during the Second World War.
I had never heard anything about the codetalkers or the Navajo people, so when the writers brought this story to me I was stunned.
What distinguishes the Navajo codetalkers even more is that these are a people who chose to fight for a country that had historically tried to exterminate their native identity.
Producers Tracie Graham and Alison Rosenzweig sold MGM on "Windtalkers," about Navajo codetalkers who created an unbreakable code based on their ancient language that was used in the Pacific Theater in WWII.
Given that the Japanese would have been very keen to capture one of the codetalkers, it's unlikely that the Navajo would have been risked in such frontline hand to hand battle as that seen here, but it does allow the film to throw up its central moral dilemma.
The Native American Codetalkers never made a mistake in transmission nor were their codes broken.
The subjects include the Black Chamber, Enigma, and Codetalkers.
His new film, "Windtalkers," follows the Marines' Navajo Indian codetalkers in the Pacific Theater in World War II.
There'll be a big ad campaign, and we'll have participation from the codetalkers, the military and the D.
Attendees at the screening included Glenn Nez, a CIA computer-support worker who is the son of one of the 29 original codetalkers.